till kingdome come, i love you clay evans.

joylenz: @ptothejohan @robertearlbuckley @therealshantel @joylenz #hilarieburton #paris

joylenz: @ptothejohan @robertearlbuckley @therealshantel @joylenz #hilarieburton #paris

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Happy 28th birthday, Shantel VanSanten!

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Best Clay and Quinn Blog: 

1. lucysshale

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Hi! You have been nominated in One Tree Hill Blog Awards 2013 (othblogawards (.) tumblr (.) com/nominees) in following categories: best Clay and Quinn blog. Congratulations and good luck!

Aaaah thank you so much!


One Tree Hill: 8x04 | We All Fall Down.


One Tree Hill: 8x04 | We All Fall Down.


Favorite Real Life Friendships | Robert Buckley and Shantel VanSanten

“It’s an honor to work beside and laugh with my bff for three seasons!” - SV

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“So even though we come from a big family Haley and I have always been close. You’ve always been there for me, my little sis. Someone to believe in, someone to share all my secrets with…and now, Jamie’s getting a little sister. And I know that he’s gonna love her as much as I love you..and you’re gonna love your daughter as much as mom loved us.”

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curiosity, who’s your 3 favorites characters?